Monday, 15 December 2008

SQA Web Site Revamp

Access All Areas album coverImage via Wikipedia
The SQA have engaged in a long overdue revamp of their web site. This includes grouping all related areas together in one page for easy access to much of the information that's available for that subject.

Let's just say it's better than it was before.

SQA - Computing, IT & Related Areas
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Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Open Source Image Programming

A short gif animationImage via Wikipedia
Processing is
an open source programming language and environment for people who want to program images, animation, and interactions. It is used by students, artists, designers, researchers, and hobbyists for
learning, prototyping, and production. It is created to teach fundamentals of computer programming within a visual context and to serve as a software sketchbook and professional production tool.
For anyone looking to teach programming images it looks a good bet.

Processing 1.0
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Friday, 5 December 2008


I'll Share My World with You album coverImage via WikipediaNow, I like this.

With the press of one button I can share useful web sites straight to my blog. You unlucky readers are going to have to plough through so much more stuff from now on...


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Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Microsoft SmallBasic

Image representing Microsoft as depicted in Cr...Image by via CrunchBase
Microsoft have released a new version of basic designed for children and novices called SmallBasic. It has only fifteen keywords to learn to allow newbies to get up and running quickly. The web site says that
Small Basic is a simple and easy programming language with a friendly environment that provides a cool and fun way of learning programming. From making turtles animations to running a slide show on the desktop, Small Basic makes programming natural and effortless.
Might be a good way of introducing programming to your classes.

Featured Windows Download: Small Basic Teaches Programming Fundamentals
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Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Here's an Ethical Dilemma For You

World Intellectual Property Organization HQ in...Image via Wikipedia
Web Worker Daily have a great post about intellectual property (IP) rights. Specifically it gives you information on what to do if your work is stolen on-line.

I'd really like to tell you about this post as it contains great information about how to deal with this problem but, if I quote it, am I simply copying?

I'll take my chances and put it down to Fair Use.

You can read the article here:

WebWorkerDaily » Archive What To Do When Your Work is Stolen Online «
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